Dansk Forklaring :

Professionelt byggefirma med CVR-nummer.
Hej, mit navn er Mirko, jeg er fra Holland, jeg bor i Danmark i 2 år.
I Holland havde jeg i 20 år mit eget byggefirma, indenfor alle former for renoveringer.
Mit speciale er i træ, jeg er uddannet tømrer.
Min timepris er meget konkurrencedygtig, 240,00 kr. i timen eksklusiv moms, inklusiv moms, 300,00 kr. i timen (25% moms).
Arbejdsområde er Aarhus N og op til 1 times kørsel hele vejen rundt.
Jeg taler flydende engelsk, hollandsk, rimelig tysk og lidt dansk.
Min kone Petronella Maria Duiker har et professionelt rengøringsfirma, 

Kontakt mig venligst for hendes tjenester.
Hun opkræver samme timepris.

Håber at høre fra dig snart !

Med venlig hilsen,

Mirko Ramon Moedersheim.

Kontakt via forskellige muligheder ;
Mobil : 93974999
Kontor : 55551566
Jeg har også SMS, Whatsapp og Telegram.


English Explanation :

Professional construction company with CVR number.
Hello, my name is Mirko, I am from Holland, I have been living in Denmark for 2 years.
In Holland I had my own construction company for 20 years, in all kinds of renovations.
My specialty is in wood, I am a professional qualified carpenter.
My hourly rate is extremely competitive, 240,00 kr. per hour, excluding VAT, including VAT, 300,00 kr. per hour (25% VAT).
Working area is Aarhus N and up to 1 hour drive all around.
I speak fluent English, Dutch, reasonable German and a little Danish.
My wife Petronella Maria Duiker has a professional cleaning company, WWW.RENGØRINGSASSISTENT.DK
Please contact me for her services.
She charges the same hourly rate.

Hope to hear from you soon !


Mirko Ramon Moedersheim.

Contact with different possibilities ;
Mobile : 93974999
Office : 55551566
I also have SMS, Whatsapp and Telegram.


Mirko Ramon Moedersheim


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Transform your kitchen or bathroom with professional cabinet installation done by Mirko Ramon Moedersheim. I ensure precise measurements, sturdy construction, and a seamless finish.

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Experience the precision and attention to detail that sets Mirko Ramon Moedersheim apart. As a solo carpenter, I take pride in delivering flawless and immaculate woodworking projects tailored to your exact specifications.

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Benefit from Mirko Ramon Moedersheim's extensive knowledge and expertise in the carpentry field. With years of experience, I possess a deep understanding of various materials, techniques, and design principles, ensuring exceptional results for every project.

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Count on Mirko Ramon Moedersheim for reliable and efficient service. As a dedicated carpenter, I prioritize timeliness and deliver projects on schedule, allowing you to enjoy the incredible craftsmanship without unnecessary delays.


Customer Experiences with Mirko Ramon Moedersheim

I hired Mirko Ramon Moedersheim to build custom cabinets for my kitchen, and I couldn't be happier with the results. He is a skilled carpenter who pays attention to every detail. The cabinets are not only beautiful but also high-quality and durable. Mirko's professionalism and craftsmanship exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend his services.

John Anderson

Mirko Ramon Moedersheim recently completed a renovation project in my home, and I am extremely satisfied with his work. He transformed my outdated living room into a modern and stylish space. Mirko's attention to detail and ability to communicate with his clients is remarkable. He is punctual, reliable, and truly dedicated to delivering excellent results. I am grateful for his expertise and highly recommend him.

Emily Hansen

I had the pleasure of working with Mirko Ramon Moedersheim on a custom-built bookshelf project, and the outcome exceeded my expectations. Mirko's craftsmanship is outstanding, and he effortlessly turned my vision into reality. He is meticulous, reliable, and has exceptional attention to detail. I appreciate his professionalism and will certainly hire him again for future woodworking projects.

Michael Jensen

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Expert Carpenter: Accredited and Guaranteed

As an experienced carpenter, I take pride in providing high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional service. With industry accreditations and certifications, you can trust in my expertise. I am fully accredited by the National Carpentry Association, ensuring that my skills and knowledge meet the highest standards. Additionally, I am certified by the Professional Carpentry Guild, showcasing my commitment to professional excellence. To guarantee your satisfaction, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all my carpentry projects.

National Carpentry Association Accreditation

I am proud to hold the National Carpentry Association accreditation, demonstrating my adherence to industry best practices and standards.

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With certification from the Professional Carpentry Guild, you can be confident that I have the expertise to handle any carpentry project with precision and skill.

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